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Ca prend 5min, et c’est complètement hallucinant la différence que ca fait http: Il s’agit d’une librairie graphique proposant divers options visuelles de post traitement. In integer RGB colors. In fact I think the difference might only be due to rounding errors. Autre questions si c’est vrai comment les régler au mieux voir le screen sur mon poste au dessus? This can go insanely low and still look good.

Nom: reshade 1.2
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 61.69 MBytes

Ici il indique d’utiliser sweetfx configurator 1. I can’t remember if I installed this mod. Car certains ont des doutes là-dessus j’ai du utiliser OpenIV un moment pour une modif. Du coup je reste au 1. Whole numbers are faster.

Im using pretty outdated tech, will a GTX cut it you think?

Reshade PUBG : Comment l’installer et comment l’utiliser ?

I just want to make sure so that I dont turn my card into blob: S0berDrunk Oh man I couldn’t say GTA 5 by default is a pretty demanding game so I would just try it and see nothing will get damaged on your computer if that’s what your worried about theirs rewhade ton of safety on modern cards so just try it and let resjade know thanks for the comment.

Also sorry for the late response. Rippler Np, I dont think ill be trying it though.


S0berDrunk No problem appreciate the rating and thanks for questions. If none of that works let me know and I will try and help some more.

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Rippler I reinstalled reshade and it didnt work so now I just reinstalled GTA V and reshase your reshade inif that doesnt work I will get back to you.

Rippler Ok it works now! I had to download reshade 2.

reshade 1.2

Rippler 1 more at least. Perhaps one showing car reflection get a car that has more shine, supercars aren’t the best example. Maybe like a Sabre or something. Other than that, looks decent. I can’t remember if I installed reshadee mod.

reshade 1.2

I really appreciate the rating and the feedback have a good one. Heyo, I know I’m quite late but great work on the mod!

Just that, ReShade is now an executable in of itself and installs automatically. From that point on I’m confused as to where I need to put the files from this reshade pack.

Redhade Thanks for the kind words really appreciate that but yeah I haven’t updated this mod in quite awhile and yes Reshade has several new versions out since I completed this Reshade config. You can simply download the latest.

Dasaki Also sorry I didn’t see your comment you didn’t pin my name in it so I didn’t get a notification but yeah I can make no guarantees this will work you might have to do some playing around with it but either way thanks for the kind words and take care for now.


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Comment installer/utiliser ReShade sur PUBG ?

More mods by Rippler: More mods in misc category: Thailand Gas Station Texturesv2. From that dude who created Ripplers Realism comes a ReShade preset that looks good but won’t turn your graphics card into a molten blob. I consistently get 60fps with just a GTX and a first generation i5 CPU so this will run great with pretty much all rigs. The graphics in the screen shots are not all maxed out or anything like that there is no trickery here this will look really good on a medium computer ENJOY!!!.

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reshade 1.2

Rippler Cool cool, Thanks! Connectez-vous ou enregistrez-vous pour pouvoir commenter. Designed in Alderney Made in Los Santos.